Sat, Dec 26, 2015

Recent papers:

Slides from my recent talks:

  • A-infinity categories of matrix factorisations via A-infinity idempotents, January 2020 at KIAS workshop on Atiyah classes and related topics (notes)
  • Mathematics of AlphaGo, November 2019 colloquium at Macquarie (notes | screencast)
  • From critical points to A-infinity categories, October 2019 at Macquarie (notes)
  • Monoidal bicategories of critical points, July 2019 (notes)
  • Constructing A-infinity categories of matrix factorisations, July 2019 at RRAGE (slides)
  • Proof synthesis and differential linear logic, June 2019 at CARMA (slides | screencast)
  • Derivatives of Turing machines and inductive inference, Novermber 2018 at Peking University (notes)
  • The computational content of Landau-Ginzburg models, November 2018 at BICMR, Beijing (notes)
  • Derivatives of Turing machines in linear logic, May 2018 in the Melbourne pure math seminar (notes)
  • Algebra and Artificial Intelligence, May 2018 in the Melbourne logic seminar (slides | video)
  • Bar versus Koszul, April 2018 in the Melbourne topology seminar (notes)
  • Mini-course on A-infinity categories and matrix factorisations, September 2017 at the IBS in Korea (lecture 1, lecture 2, lecture 3).
  • Turing machines and coalgebras, September 2017 at Neeman’s 60th conference at ANU (notes).
  • Clifford algebras and 2D defect topological field theory, June 2017 at Tensor Categories and Field Theory (notes).
  • A tour of well-generated triangulated categories, May 2017 at Neeman’s 60th conference (notes).
  • Derivatives of proofs in linear logic (joint with James Clift), May 2017 in Melbourne (slides and transcript).
  • The cobordism category, October 2016 in the TFT seminar (notes).
  • The Curry-Howard principle, October 2016 in the CH seminar (notes).
  • The category of simply-typed lambda terms, September 2016 in the CH seminar (lecture 1, lecture 2).
  • Sheaves of A-infinity algebras from matrix factorisations, September 2016 at the IPMU (notes).
  • Generalised orbifolding, September 2016 minicourse at the IPMU (lecture 1, lecture 2, lecture 3).
  • Generalised orbifolding of simple singularities, August 2016 at Geometry at the ANU (notes).
  • Two odd things about computation, October 2015 in Vienna and August 2016 in Melbourne (slides and transcript).
  • Topological Quantum Field Theory in two dimensions, July 2016 in the TFT seminar (slides).
  • Spectral sequences for vertex algebras, July 2016 in Melbourne (notes).
  • Linear logic and deep learning (joint with Huiyi Hu), June 2016 at the AAL in Melbourne (slides and transcript).
  • A-infinity algebras and matrix factorisations, June 2016 in Banff (notes and video).
  • The Landau-Ginzburg/Conformal Field Theory correspondence, May 2016 in Melbourne (notes).
  • The super-A-polynomial and knot differentials, May 2016 in Melbourne (notes).
  • A-infinity algebras and minimal models [Part 1], May 2016 in Melbourne (notes and screencast).
  • Reading group on proof-nets, April 2016 in the Melbourne logic seminar (handout 1, handout 2 and notes).
  • Stratifications and complexity in linear logic, March 2016 in the Melbourne logic seminar (slides and screencast).
  • An introduction to A-infinity algebras, November 2015 in Melbourne (notes).

I gave a mini-course at the IBS in Korea in January 2016 on topological field theory with defects, specifically the fusion of defects in topological Landau-Ginzburg models. This included several computer demos, the source for which can be found on GitHub.

  • Lecture 1: 2D TFT with defects and matrix factorisations (notes and video).
  • Lecture 2: The bicategory of Landau-Ginzburg models (notes and video).
  • Lecture 3: The cut operation and computing fusions (notes and video).

These lectures were made with the excellent GoodNotes for the iPad Pro.