TFT seminar

Fri, Jul 15, 2016

This is the webpage for the Topological Field Theory (TFT) seminar at the University of Melbourne, which is on Thursdays from 1-2pm in Room 107 of Richard Berry. The theme for Semester 2 of 2016 is two-dimensional field theories, and our aim is to read Kock’s book on the equivalence between closed 2D TFTs and commutative Frobenius algebras. To receive announcements about the seminar subscribe to the mailing list.


  • 28-7 Daniel Murfet “Topological Quantum Field Theory in two dimensions” (slides).
  • 4-8 Patrick Elliott “Introduction to Frobenius algebras” (lecture notes).
  • 11-8 Michelle Strumila “The cobordism category 2Cob” (beginning of Chapter 1, lecture notes).
  • 18-8 Omar Foda “Supersymmetry and Morse theory” (references are Witten’s paper and Nicolas Mee’s thesis).
  • 1-9 Patrick Elliott “The category of Frobenius algebras” (lecture notes).
  • 8-9 Thomas Quella “Chern-Simons theory as an example of a TQFT” (lecture notes).
  • 15-9 Campbell Wheeler “Symmetric monoidal categories and functors” (lecture notes).
  • 13-10 Daniel Murfet “The cobordism category” (lecture notes).
  • TBA Daniel Murfet “2D TQFTs are equivalent to commutative Frobenius algebras”

The seminar is on hold until further notice.